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Do you find yourself in a crisis of faith? In a depression cloud that doesn't seem to dissipate? Processing your faith and your struggles with someone who has a strong frame of reference for grief, depression and anxiety is one of the best ways to develop new and stronger coping tools.  Depression is like a cumulus cloud with many mini clouds emanating from it. This accumulation of clouds forms a depression that must be dissected and addressed cloud by cloud.  My guidance in a biblical perspective and principles of scripture will arm you with the right weapons to obliterate each cloud that's hazing over your emotional and spiritual growth. Together we will process those clouds that  form that one overwhelming, debilitating cloud. Clouds cover the sun. Together, we will strip away those depression clouds that block out the Sun/SON.

Re: your Children: Do you find that your child is misunderstood in the school system or lost in overcrowded classrooms? Do you find that your child is treated more like a number than a human being?

I've counseled  children in schools for over 12 years and have discovered an extreme deficit in communication between parents and educators and between educators and students. I've witnessed a lack of a strength-based, focused approach with kids by teachers and administrators. Sadly, educators often attempt to correct problem behaviors with outdated token economies, contingency modifications and ineffective behavior goals.

As a solution-focused therapist, my goal is to help children and adolescents find their own unique worth in the bigger system, to learn how to utilize their strengths and navigate their own special path in school and in life. Ultimately, I strive to help clients realize their important purpose, strengths and contributions to the world around them. 

The approach to children I prefer is love and unconditional positive regard. I've been told countless times that I am an avid child advocate. This is true.

I also counsel Christians of all ages in discovering their meaning and purpose via Scripture. I strive to help them navigate the Bible and apply it to their own lives so they can grow in the strength and knowledge of Christ. I utilize Cognitive Behavioral approaches often with adults and adolescents. 

You will find me very comfortable and easy to process your feelings and  pain with. I enjoy empowering people and helping them discover new and effective ways to cope with tough issues.

The promise of healing and hope is stronger and more real than you can fathom. Believe me. Discover your own inner strength in session with me.


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